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Open-Source Agronomy



Before coffee comes from a barista, it comes from a farm, a community and a culture.

But many small-scale growers are struggling with rising production costs, climate change and diseases that can destroy an entire crop.

Our work at Hacienda Alsacia focuses on finding and sharing globally sustainable solutions to these economic and environmental pressures.

Our mission isn’t to supply Starbucks. It’s to help ensure the future of coffee for everyone.

Education and Empowerment


We purchased Hacienda Alsacia in 2013, but the farm has been producing coffee since 1970.

Our renovation process was thoughtful and gradual, using the same approach to planning and investment that would be reasonable for a farmer to apply.

It took only a few years to transform the property into a model of sustainable farming, resulting in valuable knowledge that can help establish best practices within the industry.

Research and Development

the Future

We’re working to develop new varietals of arabica coffee trees that can resist crop-devastating diseases like coffee rust.

As we breed these hardy, high-quality hybrid seeds, we give them away to farmers around the world — even if they don’t sell coffee to us.

Meet Carlos Mario Rodriguez, Starbucks director of global agronomy.

The Hacienda Alsacia Experience

the Farm

The Hacienda Alsacia Visitor Center offers a firsthand look at our work on the farm.

Our immersive, interactive tour features a working tree nursery, wet mill, drying patio and roaster. Learn about the past, present and future of coffee as you trace its journey from seedling to cup.

Our onsite café offers Hacienda Alsacia coffee, locally inspired food and sweeping views of the farm. Stop in after your tour or drop by on your own–we’re open to everyone.

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